Wedding Photography Tips (For Photographers, Brides and Grooms)

We all love great wedding photos. As a couple you want your most precious and special day to be captured. As a wedding photographer, you want to capture all the amazing moments so you can help your clients remembering all the great memories of their big day.

We are going to share some of the best tips recommended by the best wedding photographers from different parts of the world, so no matter you are one of the lucky couples or a passionate photographer who wants to take stunning wedding photos, you will benefit from this article.

Why You Should Trust Us?

We have interviewed many famous and renowned wedding photographers and collected their opinions regarding wedding photography tips. In this article, we have summed up their opinions so you can easily check out all the valuable tips offered by world-class photographers.

We will also list out the photographers who suggested those tips so you can easily pair up with your situation.

Here is the list of photographers we’ve collected their opinions:

  • Ali G (A famous wedding photographer in Hong Kong who has photographed many super riches and celebrities)
  • Nicole Chan (Boston based photographer who has been picked by many associations as “Top 100 wedding photographers in the world”)
  • Andy Lim (A popular wedding photographer based in Malaysia, he is also the author of SimpleSLR Photography Guides and PhotoGuru Workshops)
A black and white wedding photography by Ali G

Wedding Photography Tips

Wedding Photography Tips for Photographers

Enjoy Interacting with People (Suggested by Ali G)

Open up your mind and try to enjoy interacting with your clients and every party, from friends to family. A wedding photographer forms an important part of the whole wedding experience. So you need to enjoy being surrounded by people.

Be Physically and Mentally Fit (Ali G)

A Wedding Photographer needs to carry very heavy gear for long hours during the weddings, sometimes, a wedding could last for over 3 days. Besides, you will need to prepare for shootings at all times. 

This is a job that demands a lot of physical and mental fitness, as mentioned in the last point, you are part of your clients’ wedding experience, even you are really tired, you still need to be smiling and patient. Be prepared!

Always Bring Backup gears and equipment (Ali and Nicole)

it would be a nightmare if you miss any of the “once in a lifetime” moments because your gears broke down. So always preparing a spare set of equipment would be a great idea.

Be Flexible (Ali)

Weddings are full of delays and last moment changes, so be patient and prepare to work with rapidly changing, high-pressure situations.

Believe in Love (Ali)

In most cases, people are getting married because they love each other so much (Lol), and you can only capture true love when you believe in it

Observation and Listening (Ali)

Observe and listen to your clients and everybody is very important because it helps you to understand what would happen next so you can capture the best moments.

Learn from Great Wedding Photographers (Nicole)

One of the best ways to become a great wedding photographer is to learn from others. Try to assist as many other photographers as possible, for sure you will learn incredible knowledge from those amazing photographers

But then honestly you can learn even more from those not-so-good ones because you can avoid the mistakes they’ve made.

Make Sure to Use a Proper Wedding Photography Contract (Nicole)

It is a great idea to spend some money and hire a lawyer to set up your contracts so it’s professional and protects both parties well. 

Always ask your clients to sign the contract before any photography work, and make sure you explained every term well to them. 

Wedding Photography Tips for Bride

Think of your dream wedding (Ali)

Think about how you want your wedding to be and what sorts of wedding photos you want. Look at the portfolio of photographers, pick the one you like, and talk to them

Communicate with the photographers (Ali and Andy)

Talk to your selected photographers and make sure you can communicate with him/them. Double proof they do understand your big day plan and what you want. Ask for their feedback and opinion, because of the job nature, a good wedding photographer should be able to give you some great advice.

Book a Pre-Wedding Photo Shoots (Engagement Photo Shoots) (Ali)

Try to book a pre-wedding photo shooting and test make-up, see if you love their work and attitude so you can avoid any disappointment on the big day. 

Trust Your Photographer (Ali, Nicole and Andy)

After steps 1 – 3 you should be able to find a trustworthy photographer, so just follow their instruction on your big day! Our featured wedding photographer in Boston, Nicole Chan, also suggested you need to choose a wedding photographer you trust and like their personality.

Enjoy Your Wedding (Ali and Nicole)

Forget about your perfect wedding and big day photos, how you look and just enjoy your wedding! When you are feeling happy from the bottom of your heart, that’s the time you shine.

Get a Tailor Fit Wedding Dress

Make sure your dress(es) on your big day is custom fit to your body. It just doesn’t look nice if it’s too tight or too loose.

Wedding Photography Tips – FAQs

What are the must-have wedding photos?

Girls’ side:

  1. The Bride getting ready
  2. The girls getting ready
  3. The wedding dresses, veils, bouquet, and shoes

Boys’ Side:

  1. The Groom getting ready
  2. The Groomsmen Shot

The couple

  • Portraits
  • Putting on the rings
  • Cutting the wedding cake
  • The kiss
  • The first dance
  • Kisses during the dance


  1. The couple and their group
  2. The couple and the whole wedding party
  3. The couple and their families
  4. The cute little kids

Wedding Photography Tips – Final Words

That’s so much to share when it comes to wedding photography! Hopefully, you could benefit from our article no matter if you are a photographer or the couple in love.

Have more tips in your mind!? Please feel free to drop us a comment!