The Best Wedding Photographer in Malaysia – Andy Lim (His Photos and Tips)

Andy Lim is a Malaysia Photographer based in Kuala Lumpur, he is the leader of Emotion in Pictures, a Malaysia based studios specializing in multi-cultural weddings. He is also the author of SimpleSLR Photography Guides and PhotoGuru Workshops.

Why did we pick Andy Lim as the best wedding photographer in Malaysia?

He was recommended by a Malaysian friend, once he went to a wedding and he was impressed with the pre-wedding photos. So he asked the groom “who is the photographer” and was planning to invite him as the wedding photographer for his wedding.

But then COVID happened and my friend’s wedding got postponed, but he remembered Andy, when I asked him about great wedding photographers in Malaysia, he came up with few names and Andy was his first recommendation.

We’ve gathered opinions from around 30 wedding planner companies for the Malaysian wedding photographer list and after checking their portfolio. We’ve decided Andy is our choice of the best wedding photographer in Malaysia. We just love his multicultural portfolios.

His photos are fun and filled with emotions. Let’s take a look at an interview with Andy regarding his work and secrets about shooting some amazing wedding photography!

Interviewing the Best Wedding Photographer in Malaysia – Andy Lim

Andy’s Wedding Photography

Q: You are a very popular wedding photographer in Malaysia Andy, can u share with us some of your successful tips? Why your clients love you?


Our photography team at Emotion in Pictures understands the value of real pictures during an important event such as a wedding. We strive to capture real emotion whenever possible and take a lot of care to preserve the truthfulness of the event.

Many of our clients hire us for their Indian/Hindu weddings, because we also know our clients’ ceremonies and rituals very well, having covered Tamil, Ceylonese, Malayalee, Punjabi, Telugu, Sindhi and Gujarati weddings. That is why our clients appreciate and value our involvement in their wedding.

Q: What is your photography philosophy?


Our motto is “Real weddings made beautiful”. This describes our approach, which is making our clients’ big day as beautiful as possible.

Beauty comes in many forms, so we use many ways to achieve this: from lighting techniques, skilful timing in capturing real moments, to planning the wedding carefully before it happens.

Q: Can you describe some of the most memorable weddings you’ve photographed? What would be the dream wedding you want to photograph?


That might be the pre-wedding shoot that a client from Sydney hired me for. Being the seriously nice people they were, they flew me in from Kuala Lumpur, put me up in nice hotels, and made sure I was well-fed during the entire time. I love working with clients who appreciate my work.

Q: What do you like the most about wedding photography?

I like the fact that my work makes clients happy, and they can keep these precious memories with them in our hardcover albums, to enjoy now and for their children to enjoy.

Also I am very happy when our clients tell us how much they loved the pictures! Which means we’ve done a successful shooting job! Many of them also leave a good review for us.

Q: What are the biggest challenges of being a wedding photographer? Especially in Malaysia? What would be your wedding photographer’s nightmare?


One of the biggest challenges during this Covid-19 season would be restrictions on gathering in large groups. This has caused many weddings and receptions to be either canceled or postponed indefinitely.

Q: Can you advise the gears you will bring for shooting a wedding? What are your favorite camera and lens for wedding photography shooting? Why?


My gear consists of two Nikon D750 bodies, while my lenses are 85mm, 50mm, 20mm, 16-35mm, 70-200mm, 24-120mm, and 150mm macro.

My favorite is the 85mm as it is very versatile for the type of wedding work that I do. Next favorite lens would be the 24-120mm for its versatility in a studio setting, as I have been shooting more studio portraiture during the Covid-19 restricted movement period.

Wedding Photography Tips

Q: What makes a successful wedding shooting? Can you tell by %?


As mention, understanding the ceremony is a very important factor, I would estimate the key to a successful wedding shooting would be 30% knowledge of the ceremony, 30% communication, 30% skills, 10% equipment.

Q: Can you give some tips for the new Mr and Mrs so they can get the perfect set of wedding/ pre-wedding photos?


My advice would be to tell the photographer their expectations so that they can relax on the wedding day and let the photographer do what they do best.

Q: Can you give some tips for some beginner wedding photographer who is just starting up?


Be passionate about your craft and learn everything there is to know about your chosen genre of photography.

But at the same time, learn about business and marketing, because that will ensure that you will be able to be in your chosen profession for a long time.

Mirrorless Cameras for Wedding Photography?

Q: Do you think a mirrorless camera will be good enough to shoot weddings? If not, what sorts of improvement should they make?


Mirrorless technology has improved tremendously, especially full-frame mirrorless, and I may be looking at a Nikon Z6 II in the future. The improvement in mirrorless that I look forward to is the eye-tracking AF.

Q: Do you use mirrorless cameras? If so, What is the model and how do you like it?


I do own a Micro Four Thirds mirrorless camera, but it is only for travel use. After carrying my DSLR on a 3-week holiday trip, I decided that it was too heavy, especially when traveling with my kids.

That was when I switched to a Panasonic GX9 with a 12-60mm lens (equivalent to 24-120mm on a full-frame DSLR). This combo has a good balance of lightweight and a good focal length range for travel.

Interviewing the Best Wedding Photographer in Malaysia – Final Words

I love weddings in Malaysia! The colors, the multi-cultures, the size of weddings. It a perfect place for talented photographers, Andy Lim, and his teams are, for sure, one of those who handled all these very well.

I hope you enjoyed this interview like we do!

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