Best Wedding Photographer in Las Vegas – Jamie Y (Interview and Photography Tips)

Looking for a cool photographer to capture the precious moment of your wedding in Las Vegas? Jamie Y is probably one of your very best options. Her work is colorful, bright, filled with character and emotions.

Other than wedding photography, Jamie Y also shoots really nice high school seniors’ pictures. She is also a wife, mother

One of the reasons we highly recommend Jamie Y as the best Las Vegas wedding photography is, looking at Jamie’s photos is just feeling like watching a movie, the mood, the atmosphere, the style, and the emotions. “Rock and Romantic” is how we would like to describe her photography.

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Best Wedding Photographer in Las Vegas – Jamie Y (Interview and Tips)

Q: How did you become a wedding photographer? What makes your work so special and popular? What is your photography philosophy?


I fell in love with photography as a child and always wanted to do photography as my job.
Once I planned my wedding I fell in love with weddings and knew that combining them would be my perfect job.

I specialize in rock n roll clients who want to dress a little differently and do something a bit different from the traditional weddings of the past.

My photography philosophy is to showcase my couple’s love and personalities in the best way possible.

Q: Can you describe some of the most memorable weddings you’ve photographed? Why?


I have photographed hundreds of weddings over the years. The ones that stick out to me the most are the ones with who I developed a personal relationship.

But if I had to pick one that really stood out, it would be a wedding I photographed in Jerome Arizona which is an old ghost town with the coolest vibe and the couple were one of my favorites of all time.

Q: What would be the dream wedding you want to photograph? What do you like the most about wedding photography?


I have always wanted to photograph a wedding in New Orleans and go to the old cemeteries. I used to read Vampire books from Anne Rice when I was a teen and always wanted to visit the old cemeteries they talked about in the books.

Mixing wedding photography with the dark spooky vibes would be so fun.

I love to be a part of one of the happiest days in people’s lives. I love to witness those strong happy and loving feelings throughout the day and showcase them in beautiful photographs.

Q: Can you give some tips for the new Mr and Mrs so they can get the perfect set of wedding/
pre-wedding photos?


Timing is key for lighting. Good lighting is more important than the most beautiful location. Make sure to discuss with your photographer and wedding coordinator the best time and location for your ceremony and photos after.

So many times I see ceremonies in uneven lighting which makes uneven lighting on the couple. The groom will be in full sun and the bride in the shade and vice versa.

Not only is it uncomfortable for whoever is facing the direct sun, but the couple will not look evenly lit in the photos. Sometimes just a minor change will make all the difference.

Q: Can you give some tips for a beginner wedding photographer who is just starting up?


Practice as much as possible and assist other photographers. Get in front of photographers by going to networking events. I will only hire an assistant that I have met in person.

Q: What are the biggest challenges of being a wedding photographer? Especially in Las Vagas? What would be your wedding photographer’s nightmare?


Most of the weddings have traditionally taken place in the chapels on the strip. Most chapels do not allow an outside photographer. So you have a different photographer for your ceremony.

It makes it difficult to have consistency with all of your photos from the day.

My nightmare as a wedding photographer… Just really anything that takes away the joy from the couple.

Q: What camera and lens are you using now? why do you like them? what gears you will bring for
shooting a wedding?


I use a Nikon z6 and will never go back to a regular DSLR. I shoot with a 24-70mm 2.8, a 50mm 1.4, and a 105 1.4, and a 70-200mm 2.8.

Q: Can you suggest some great photo spots in Las Vagas?


For both travelers and couple photo spots, I would suggest Downtown vegas, red rock canyon, the valley of fire.

Q: What do you like about living in Las Vagas? Can you give us some traveling photography tips
to Las Vagas? As well as some must-do things for one visiting las vegas for the first time?


It is a late-night town with much to do all hours of the day. Lots of great restaurants and driving distance to beautiful locations to visit.

Interviewing the Best Wedding Photographer in Las Vegas, Jamie Y – Final Words

Jamie is a talented, passionate photographer, and her work rocks! I really like her style and attitude, I really do. If you are after a set of photos that makes people jealous and wanting to get married in Las Vegas? Just drop her a line!

I hope you enjoyed this interview like we do!

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