Best Wedding Photographer in Boston – Nicole Chan (Interview and Tips)

Nicole Chan is a Boston based photographer who has been ranked as one of the Top 100 Wedding Photographers in the World by the World Photojournalist Association (WJPA), and SLR Lounge. She is an award-winning member of the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP) and the World Photojournalist Association (WJPA).

Nicole’s work has been published in:

  • New York Times
  • Boston Globe
  • Martha Stewart Weddings
  • The Knot
  • Grace Ormonde
  • and hundreds of other magazines and publications.

As an internationally multi-award-winning Boston wedding photographer, Nicole Chan captures beautiful candid moments and creates timeless magazine-worthy portraits. Her photographs are full of personality and creativity, is a reflection of her clients. She promises to approach the wedding day with an open heart and looks forward to creating authentic photographs.

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Why Did We Picked Nicole Chan as the Best Wedding Photographer in Boston (2021)?

One of the reasons we would like to pick Nicole as the best Boston wedding photographer was a dance photo she shoots in the Boston State room, and there was a water mark “Nicole Chan” on it.

Wedding Dance at the Boston State Room by Nicole Chan

We liked that photo and so we decided to take a look at her portfolio, then we realised, her wedding photos were not just about the couples. For sure that’s super duper important but there are many interesting scents regarding the families, the friends, and even the pets. And that made us like her even more.

We’ve been to Boston few years ago and honestly, we just love the way that how multi cultures can coping well together in the city, then we found “Chinese, Gay, Indian, Jewish, Persian, Greek…. Weddings, plus many weddings in different venues”. Aiyaaa… that makes us even happier.

And when we were checking her sites, one of our editors love the way she listed our all-different weddings and we can just quickly find the wedding types that interested us. (Trust me, this is one of the indicator about great communication skills in terms of talking to photographers.)

Chinese Wedding by Nicole Chan

And now I hope you understand why we picked her:  she is a passionate photographer who is capable to produce great photos, organized, and easy to communicate with. I hope you enjoy our interview just like I do!

Interviewing the Best Wedding Photographer in Boston – Nicole Chan

Q: Can you tell us a bit about yourself? 


I’m Nicole Chan and I was born and raised in Boston, MA, USA. My parents are from Hong Kong. My background is in finance and computer science.

I worked for a management consulting firm immediately after graduating from university. After several years, I decided to start my studio in the wedding photography and videography industry.

Q: Can you describe a typical day for you at work?


When I am working at the studio, I am often helping my clients coordinate their wedding days such as helping them find photoshoot locations, creating wedding day timelines, and coordinating with the wedding planners and other wedding vendors. I also dedicate part of my day to marketing, such as updating my social media and website. 

Of course, there’s the fun part where I’m on location photographing my clients – for their wedding, pre-wedding session, engagement sessions, and other portraits. After I am finished photographing, I spend a lot of time editing the photographs. 

Q: What is the philosophy of your photography? What makes a great “Boston wedding photography”?


I always want my photographs to capture moments so that couples can remember this special time. I want the photographs to be timeless and beautiful. 

A Boston wedding photographer needs to be able to understand lighting – natural light, off-camera flash, artificial, mixed lighting, etc. Weather in Boston changes often, and a good photographer needs to be able to create beautiful photographs no matter what the weather and lighting conditions. 

Wedding in Autumn, Nicole Chan
Boston Encore Wedding by Nicole

Q: How did you get into photography? What makes your work so special and popular?


I have always loved photographs. I have always loved photographing my family and friends. Sometimes, I have a bad memory, so I like being able to look back at photographs and remember. 

My couples love working with me because I spend extra time to understand what makes their relationship special. I help pose and guide them so that they feel comfortable in front of the camera. 

I ask a lot of questions about their family and friends so that I can capture moments that are very important to them.

Q: Any tips for the couples so they will look stunning in their wedding photos? Before and on the big day?


Hire a photographer that you trust. Ask them to see work in a venue that is similar to yours. Be sure to like the photographer’s personality so that you are comfortable around them for the entire day.  

It is important to have a hairstylist and makeup artist that you trust. Have a trial with them several weeks or months before the wedding day, so that you can see what your hairstyle and makeup will look like.

Be sure to have your dress and suit/tux tailored to fit your body. 

We’re Married! by Nicole Chan
Love is in the air by Nicole Chan

Q: Can you give us some examples of the best weddings you’ve photographed? Why were they so incredible? 


After photographing 500 weddings, there have been so many amazing ones. The most fun ones are couples who are not stressed about things going perfectly, and just enjoying themselves while being with family and friends. This allows me to capture the best moments. 

Q: Any tips for one who wanted to become a wedding photographer? What is your must-have gears for shooting a wedding?


Mentor under another photographer first. Assist as many other photographers as you can. Be sure to hire a lawyer to get your contracts set up. Never photograph a client without a contract. 

My must-have gears is a set of backup equipment, just in case if gear breaks (additional camera, lenses, flashes, batteries, memory cards). A wedding has many “once in a lifetime” moments, and you only get one chance.

Q: I can see you do destination wedding shootings too, what is your favorite destination wedding location and why?


Italy!! I love Italian food. I love the language. I love the beauty of the country. 

Someday, I’d like to photograph in the Maldives and Japan. 

Jewish Wedding by Nicole Chan

Q: Do you think mirrorless cameras would be great for shooting weddings? Any models you would recommend?

They’re great cameras. Almost every major camera brand has released a mirrorless camera, and I’ve very much been enjoying photographing with them. I find that it is important to photograph weddings with dual card slots, just in case if there is a card failure with one of the slots, there is a backup so that my client’s photographs are secure. 

Q: People are suggesting ‘mirrorless would be the future of photography” do you agree with that? 

I love all the new technology! Drones, mirrorless, etc. They’re all extremely fun ways to show how I see the world. Mirrorless is an upgrade to technology, but there will still be a place in the world for film, SLRs, etc. 

Q: Can you suggest some photo spots for great wedding photography in Boston? What do you like about living in Boston? Can you give us some traveling tips to Boston?

The most famous locations are Boston Common, Boston Public Gardens, and Beacon Hill. 

I love how charming the city is. I love walking the streets of Beacon Hill, along the Charles River, and eating in the North End. Boston is famous for its seafood – lobster rolls, oysters, fish, etc. My favorite lobster roll is at Neptune’s Oyster. 

Best Wedding Photographer in Boston – Final Word

Taking with Nicole makes me remember the great time I spent in Boston, looking at her photos made me fall in love with this lovely city and people.

I hope you enjoyed the interview like I did!

If you wish contact Nicole, here is her contact details: