The Best Street Photographer in Berlin – Efi Longinou (Her Photos, Tips, and Gears)

Efi Longinou is an actress by profession who is now living in Berlin, Germany. She studied acting in the Contemporary Theater of Athens, worked at the Theater, and played in movies and on TV.

Several years ago, Efi started her life as a photographer in Greece, for her, photography is a great means of artistic expression. Since then she has developed her passion for street photography.

Street Photography of Efi Longinou – Exhibitions and Medias

Efi is now a popular street photographer and member of the Burn My Eye street collective, a street photography collective formed by 15 renowned photographers from different parts of the world. Each member has their unique style and their images are fresh and representative.

Other than that, Efi’s works are shown in various media, group exhibitions, and publications, such as:

Group Exhibitions

  • Indian Photo Festival 2020
  • European Month of Photography 2020
  • Miami Street Photography Festival, 2019
  • Berlin Photo Week, 2019
  • Women Street Photographers, 2019
  • German Street Photography Festival, 2019
  • Italien Street Photo Festival, 2019
  • Women Street Photographers, New York, Bielsko-Biała, Sofia 2019
  • Women Street Photographers, New York, 2018
  • DETOUR Exhibition in Athens, 2016


  • VIMA, 2021
  • 100 Street Photographers for Pesaro, 2020
  • Eyeshot Street Photography Magazine, 2020 and 2019
  • Newsweek Japan, 2019
  • Soul of Street, 2019
  • Lenscratch, 2019
  • Kwerfeldein, 2019
  • Edge of Humanity Magazine, 2018
  • The Independent Photographer, 2018
  • Street Photography in Germany: Photographers, Collectives and more, 2017
  • La Calle Es Nuestra, 2017
  • Art Upon, 2017
  • Grryo, 2016
  • El Culture, 2016

Efi Longinou, The Best Street Photographer in Berlin – Interview

Efi Longinou, The Best Street Photographer in Berlin (About Her Work)

Why did you choose to become a street photographer?


Taking pictures allowed me to follow the curiosity I have for people with the same fervency I feel when working as an actress. For me, acting and photography are sharing the same roots: curiosity and observation. The street is just like a stage for me, I love that I can observe people and freeze a special moment with my camera.

I follow my instinct when I capture the photos. Still, I learn through my way of exploring every day a little more about the seemingly endless possibilities of photographic expression that then flows into my work.

Other than street photography, do you accept other photography jobs?


For the last five years, I have worked as a photographer as well.

I photograph events; I do business portraits, and lately, I have started to do product photography. It is a very interesting field of work and gives me a lot of pleasure.

What is your photography philosophy?


I want to find the beauty of everyday life and to see the world poetically. Through my photography, I am trying to communicate with people and be open to the world.

What are your favorite parts and the biggest challenges as a street photographer?


I think my favorite part is that street photography trains my observation skills and brings me closer to humans. It gives you the motivation to go outside every day to walk and interact with other people.

Over time it became my diary and with it, everyday life becomes more interesting. But that being said, street photography requires luck, patience, and persistence as well. You can’t expect anything.

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What is the biggest difference between street photography in Greece and Berlin?


As difficult or easy as it is to photograph in Greece, so it is in Germany, but for different reasons. In Greece and specifically, in Athens, where I lived for many years, I knew every corner of the city, and I would say, the missing element was surprising. Berlin, while reminiscent of Athens in many ways, I am still discovering it.

Germans are more cautious and suspicious when they see someone with a camera. The boundary of their personal space is stricter than that of the Greeks.

The other difficulty I face in Berlin is the lack of light. Except for some days in spring and summer, it is usually dark and rainy. In Greece, the light is magical and gives many possibilities to the photographer.

Which is your favorite piece of work? Why?

David Hockney is one of my favorite artists because of his use of color and composition. Among his work, I like the painting Mr. and Mrs. Clark and Percy very much.

Efi Longinou, The Best Street Photographer in Berlin (Gears Opinion)

Do you think mirrorless cameras would be great for street photography?

Yes, I believe mirrorless cameras are the best for street photography because they are small and unobtrusive. They are light cameras, and you can carry them in your back every day. They can become completely silent, and they are easy to use.

Can you suggest a mirrorless camera that you think would be great for street photography?

There are so many different cameras out there and everyone can choose according to his taste. I believe it is practical to have a small camera with a more wide-angle lens like the Fujifilm X70 I am using

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Efi Longinou, The Best Street Photographer in Berlin (Tips)

Can u share with us some street photography tips?

Sure, I would recommend these six street photography tips:

  • Go outside every day and never forget to take your camera.
  • Wear comfortable shoes and casual clothes.
  • Don’t overthink.
  • Be confident.
  • Smile and be polite.
  • Do not chase the great story, but the moment.

Can you recommend some great photo spots in Berlin?

Berlin streets are wide and usually not so crowded.

So the best photo spots are where the train stations are, where people are moving very quickly to reach their destinations, and they don’t care if a photographer is around. My favorite station is the Zoo S-Bahn station.

The flea markets are great spots for street photographers as well. They are plenty of people around walking, shopping, or drinking coffees. I would recommend the Fleamarket at Mauerpark. It is big, the atmosphere is pleasant, and most of the people are friendly.

At last, Brandenburg Gate is Berlin’s signature attraction and a favorite area for street photographers. There are people from around the world taking pictures, and when the sun is shining, a photographer can play with the shadows, do street portraits or find exciting scenes to capture

Can you give us some traveling tips to Berlin? Like your favorite food, must-see attraction…

Berlin is a big city and that is one of the reasons that street food is so popular.

Walking around you will find almost everywhere Currywurst kiosks. Currywurst – a fried sausage seasoned with curry ketchup – is a typical Berlin street food.

Doner Kebab is very popular as well. It is a kebab made with spit-roasted meat and stuffed in bread with sauce and salads.

For the sweet tooth, the Berliner is a local option. It is a traditional German pastry which is a jelly-filled donut. There is as well a huge vegan scene in town with lots of interesting restaurants and street food spots.

If you want to visit Berlin for a few days, you need to plan to see the must-see attractions.

I would recommend Humboldt Forum, a new cosmopolitan forum for culture, art, and science. The Brandenburg Gate, which is Berlin’s signature attraction. Charlottenburg Palace is located just out of the center of the city.

The Gedenkstätte Berlin Mauer (Berlin Wall Memorial) is between Wedding and Mitte’s districts on Bernauer Strasse. And the Berlin’s Museum Island.

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Efi Longinou, The Best Street Photographer in Berlin – Final Words

Efi is surely a talented photographer who is capable of producing impressive and unique photos that will touch your heart. You can feel her emotions and thoughts by looking at her pictures.

If you would like to learn more about Efi’s street photography, here are the details:


Instagram: efi_o

Flickr: Efi Longinou

Burn My Eye Collective: Efi Longinou