Interviewing the Best Ski Photographer in Canada – Grant Gunderson

I love skiing, snowboarding and photography. Ski photography!? Definitely a BIG “YES”!!

Being a ski photographer is probably one of the hardest jobs in the world, you have to carry all the camera and skiing gear to the top of the mountain, protect and handle them well, find the best spots and time to capture the superb pictures.

Grant Gunderson is a talented ski photographer who can produce stunning ski photography. He is also a senior photographer for Powder Magazine and a Photo editor emeritus of The Ski Journal. He has worked with many professional skiers and snowboarders to produce breath action photography.

The Best Ski Photographer in Canada – Why Grant Gunderson?

It was one of Grant’s black and white backcountry skiing photo that attached my attention.

Lol, yes, I like black and white photos a lot, I’ve interviewed the best hong kong wedding photographer Ali G, and he also produced amazing black and white wedding photography.

Zack Giffin, Paul Kimbraugh, Matt Steinman ski toruing out the Shuskan Arm
Adam Ü tele skiing powder at Revelstoke mountain resort

We took a look at his portfolio and just made us want to head out to the mountain with our gears immediately.

His photos are exciting, full of energy, and take you to explore the untouched big white mountain. And I love those famous skiers and snowboarders he captured!!!

Let’s take a look at the interview with Grant Gunderson for some great ski photography tips!

Interviewing the Best Ski Photographer in Canada, Grant Gunderson

Q: Why ski photography? How did you start everything?


I started off just taking photos of my friends skiing. Turns out lots of people like the images and everything just sort of snowballed from there. Luckily 20+ years later, I am still able to share my enthusiasm for mountains and skiing with others via my images.

Q: What makes Your Ski photography collection so special and so popular? Any tips for one who wants to start ski photography?


From the very beginning, I told myself as long as I keep creating images that inspire people to get outside and enjoy the mountains, I will be successful.

That is still true today, and I think not losing track of that mindset is the key to my success.

Tips for one who wants to start ski photography…. stay true to your own vision, and when in doubt take more photos.

skiing at Revelstoke Mountain Resort
Dave Treadway skiing at Monashee Powder Cats

Q: Can you describe a typical day of you at work?


I am often up at 4 am. Have a quick breakfast and on the road by 4:30 as I have a 90-minute drive to the closest ski area. That way I am there in case there is a great sunrise.

We will then spend the entire day skiing until sunset, before finally heading home. So I tend to put very long days in, but as they say, if you do what you love, it never feels like work.

Q: What is the favorite part of your work? What are the biggest challenges of being a ski photographer?


Being able to ski some very incredible locations all over the world with my friends, whom just so happen to be some of the best skiers in the world.

The biggest challenge is weather and snow conditions, but that’s out of our hands, so we just make do with whatever we are presented with each day, and do our best to always have a good time.

Q: What about snowboarding photography? Any difference from ski photography? Any tips for taking amazing snow sports photography?

Ski and snowboard photography is no different. In fact, many of the athletes I work with enjoy both.

Snowsports photography tips… Have fun! Don’t make it too serious and don’t lose track that the first reason for shooting skiing, is that it’s a great excuse to go skiing in the first place!

Adam Ü and Duncan Adams ride the double chair at the Seki Onsen ski area on the deepest pow day of there lives
KC Deane skiing at Mt. Baker

Q: What are your “must-have” cameras, lens, and equipment for a day at work? And why them?


I shoot with Canon 1DXmk3 camera bodies and all Canon lenses. I have found over the years, the Canon system holds up really well to a lot of the extreme weather and conditions that I work with. I also love Fstop camera bags for carrying all of my equipment.

Q: Do you think the mirrorless camera would make a better choice than DSLR or compact cameras for ski photography?


Right now, I still prefer DSLR as I prefer having an optical viewfinder. Mirrorless cameras are fully capable of producing great images, I just haven’t found one with a viewfinder that I like.

Q: Do you owe or use a mirrorless camera? Like them? People suggested mirrorless would be the future of camera development, what do you think?


They have a lot of potentials and the fact that they are lightweight is really nice. However for me, especially when shooting action images with flash, I find they all have too much lag in the viewfinders.

Bartender Al
Victor De le Rue heli boarding at Silvertip Lodge

Q: What’s your favorite ski resort? For riding and shooting. If possible, can u name one in Asia, northern American, and Europe?


In Asia, I really like Shiga Kogan. It is a massive ski area in Japan and always seems to have great snow.

In North America, I am a big fan of Mt. Baker and any of the IKON resorts.

In Europe, I love Zermatt for its views of the Matterhorn.

Q: Any special tips for one who is planning to book a ski photography service? How good at skiing should they be so they can get some great photos?


The images are only as good as the athletes, so I only tend to work with professional skiers and snowboarders.

Interviewing the Best Ski Photographer in Canada – Final Words

Ski photography is the combination of weather, skier/ snowboarder/ mountain, and snow conditions. It takes a long way to be a great ski photographer and Grant Gunderson is definitely one of the best one.

I hope you enjoy this interview like I do!

Rene Crawshaw skiing powder at Revelstoke Mountain resort
Jess McMillan skiing in Andermatt

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