About Us

Hi there! My name is Lorraine, and I have been fall for photography since I was ten, when my father gave me a camera as a birthday present. I enjoyed taking photos of my friends and family.

And I just love sports: swimming, surfing, kayaking, biking, and hiking, badminton, golf, snowboarding, and skiing… I love these sports and I enjoyed every moment.

And one of the best ways to freeze these happy moments is to capture them with a camera.

I started bringing along my cameras with me on my day out, and I started shooting my teams in different conditions: inside the badminton court, up at the top of the mountain, on my kayaks, or maybe in the middle of a back-country skiing trip.

Because of photography, I met a lot of great photographers and friends, and I can talk about photography all day long. And I started assisting some professional photographers for the shooting.

But no, I did not start my studio, I just, cannot commit to staying in one place at all. And I am incredibly happy to keep doing my traveling, sports, and learning from great photographers in the world.

Why Did I Create MirrorlessHow.com?

The answer is simple! I want to help mirrorless camera users and photography lovers receive first-hand quality basketball information on the go.

2 years ago, I tried my friend’s mirrorless camera and it was impressive!!! Great video and photo quality, light, and small. So suitable for traveling! I’ve started keeping an eye on mirrorless cameras and until now, I am so happy with all the developments.

I honestly believe that going mirrorless, is the future of camera development.

So, I talked to my friends who are professional photographers and see if they are interested in starting a site about photography and mirrorless cameras together. And they said Yes!!!

Why Named MirrorlessHow.com?

When it comes to photography and cameras, we often hear the word “how”.

  • How to take great photos?
  • How to pose?
  • How to use this camera?
  • How to pick a great camera?

And I love mirrorless cameras! So here we are! Mirrorlesshow.com!

No matter you are beginner photographers wanting to take great photos, or you are a professional photographer planning to buy a mirrorless camera, you will be benefited from our site.

What Will You Get from This Site?

The mission of mirrorlesshow.com is simple: Help the reader get better at photography.And we will accomplish this together through our well-organized content, mainly divided into:

Instructional articles

Photography Equipment Reviews

Informational Blogs on all thing mirrorless camera

We are going to create content based on our own experience and research.

Why You Should Trust Us?

Do something you love is the best way to become extraordinary.

We will provide you with the best information regarding photography and a mirrorless camera. All reviews, recommendations, and information are all “test-driven” by our team.

And we will include a lot of great tips from different great photographers in all aspects.

Again, we love photography and want to provide you with unbiased and the best resources regarding photography and mirrorless camera.